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Facts you must consider to purchase a used robot

Robotic automation – the new age solution for all types of works. Whenever it is about perfection, accuracy and of course, large quantity of production, the robotic system is the only source that can serve the purpose effectively. This is one of the best way to improve the quality of production and realizing this facility, the industries are now depending on customized robot integration or even they are making use of used robot for the purpose.

What is the key advantage?
The large companies and industries are now using advanced technologies in order to improve their productivity and also to keep space with the world. Whereas, small organizations are not so much keen to adopt new changes and advanced processes. The result is that, those companies are actually lacking the growth. Using the robot system is the most effective way for those organizations to stay in competition.
However, when you are planning to use the used robots, you need to take a few things into considerations and those are:
  • Robot payload
  • The working envelope
Used Robot Integration in UK
While the first process will decide how much weight the arm of the robot is cap[able of picking up which include the weight of the end of arm tooling and the second process will actually decide the working or reaching area of the robot.
You can easily find used robots serving these needs effectively and you can purchase them at affordable prices as well. What you need after that is a customized robot integration which will allow it to perform just according to the need of your manufacturing process and needs.
Now comes the important part – whenever you are buying a used robot, you need to certify the industrial used robot by following the strict procedures stated right below:
  • It is important to clean, prepare and paint the used robot with 2-part epoxy paint.
  • Checking the backlash and repeatability of all axes is of great significance to certify to the original specifications.
  • You need to change any of the components that do not meet the expectations, this includes, gear boxes, motors, cables and etc.
  • This is also very important to conduct a full preventative maintenance check, changing the grease and the batteries for the certification.
  • The controller needs to be loaded with the latest software available for that particular controller and updated with the base robot software package as per the client’s demands
  • It is important that the robots can perform eight-hour at a stretch with full payload in order to ensure that it can perform properly.
After you are fully aware of how to certify the used robot, you must get in touch with professional designer and integrator of robots and if you are searching for such a company in the UK, Phoenix Control Systems Limited is just the one you need to rope in. They have been providing the cost-effective engineering solutions for robot systems and integration since 2005 and they have skilled professionals to serve your needs effectively. If you want to explore more details about them, you can visit
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